Why John Little?

Simply because he is the most logical person to head up the continuation of the HEAVY DUTY personal phone consultations. Read further and you will understand why.

“HEAVY DUTY isn’t just ‘another bodybuilding program’ – it is THE fundamental touchstone of bodybuilding science. If you do not understand the principles of Mike Mentzer’s training system, you are doomed to spend years of time training when you could have accomplished the same – or better – results in a mere matter of months.”
— John Little from the Foreword of Heavy Duty.

In the spring and summer of 2001, Mike Mentzer was looking to write his final formulation of the theory of high-intensity training. Mike decided to partner the book with a co-author due to the amount of work involved in compiling and editing the project. After careful consideration, he knew that there could only be one person to help him with the project who possessed two key factors - the knowledge of his system from fundamentals to derivatives, and who further and likewise understood his personal philosophy of life -- his long-time friend of 22 years and fellow high-intensity training innovator, John Little.

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After many conversations with Mike and John, I have first-hand knowledge that both individuals held a profound respect for the other’s insights and intellect. As many of you already know, Mike previously asked John to write the Foreword to his “HEAVY DUTY” book published in 1993, and John asked Mike to write the Foreword to his “Power Factor Training”, later that same year. John was delighted to work with Mike on his last new book, as Mike had been in many respects John’s mentor over the years. The new book they collaborated on, “High-Intensity Training the Mike Mentzer Way,” quickly went on to become a bodybuilding classic and best seller.

Upon the release of “The Mike Mentzer Way” book, I was deluged with questions here at www.mikementzer.com from people who wanted to know more about Mike’s unique training method. It became increasingly more difficult to respond to each and every question, and it was evident to me that one person that Mike Mentzer himself would approve of as being fully qualified to answer these questions on “High Intensity Training the Mike Mentzer Way” –was the man who helped “write the book” on it – John Little.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce to Mike’s fans and to the general public that by arrangement with Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc., John Little will be exclusively available on an appointment-only basis for private phone consultations. Mike benefited greatly from his relationship with John over the years, and I know that you will too. I’d like to share with you just a few quotes from Mike regarding John Little from the past decade:

“John has exerted considerable effort over a period of time studying the actual science of productive bodybuilding exercise, i.e., he has acquired a firm intellectual understanding of the theory of high-intensity training.”

“John understands quite a bit about the power of ideas and the way they work in the mind. He would talk with me at length, and I remember those conversations with fondness, which causes me to think fondly of John Little."

“…cynicism is resulting in the ongoing deterioration of the sport’s popularity. Whatever pinnacle it achieved a number of years ago, it’s definitely on the downside now. For people like John Little and myself, who definitely have a proper, ethical interest in this thing, to see such willful flouting of ethical principles, knowing that such, by the nature of existence and reality, has to lead to destruction, I, at least, find that contemptible.”

“...one of my best friends, for the past 22 years… I first met John Little at Eaton's Department Store in Toronto where Arnold, Franco and I had made an appearance for Weider and the IFBB, in 1979. We hit it off immediately, as John was philosophically-oriented, along with having a passionate interest in bodybuilding. After that initial meeting, we met at Lou Hollosi's gym in Toronto in 1980, where I conducted a seminar; and, with that, John and I further cemented our friendship. Subsequently, John made a number of trips to Los Angeles, where he'd usually stay with me in my apartment in West Hollywood. His primary purpose in traveling to Southern California was to pursue the subjects of those he wrote books about, including Steve Reeves and Lou Ferrigno.

It was finally, in 1992, that Joe Weider brought John to Los Angeles to write for FLEX. This only lasted three years, as John was more interested in writing freely about his passion, namely - philosophy, martial arts, the philosophy of Bruce Lee, who, too, was a fervent student of philosophy (his personal library packed with philosophy books that extended from the floor to the ceiling and spanned the length of the room). His quest for the truth saw him avidly studying philosophies ranging from that of Krishnamurti's to our most revered, Ayn Rand….I trust that you, Dear Reader, will gain much knowledge from John Little's article, along with the added inspiration that will act to have you approach your own training with greater inspiration and motivation than ever before. Above all else, I ardently desire that you will read John Little's superlative article mostly for the sheer pleasure of it.”

Last reference: May 29, 2001
"I’ve directed some of my regular article writers to the study of Objectivism, e.g. John Little, whose brilliant article “Warm Marble” heads our article list presently.

I hadn’t seen or spoken to John in a couple of years. Recently, we got together, however, with each of us perceiving the other’s remarkable intellectual improvement in the short period during which we had lost contact. I found this to be most telling in his writing. I recall that when John was really just starting as a professional writer (for Flex) the struggles he had while working at perfecting his craft. Then, recently, John sent me a formal proposal, which, if I approved, would enable him to write a book about my life and training philosophy. I was astounded by the intellectual light-years he had traversed, how his writing had come to demonstrate a radiantly competent professionalism. This is made patently evident in his article “Warm Marble.” I did, by the way, agree to John’s proposal, and he has already started the book, which is to be published by McGraw-Hill later this year.
I must credit John for an idea he gave me that will prove lucrative over the ensuing years. I have already begun gathering material for a series of four Mike Mentzer audio tapes to be released within a couple of weeks, and will go on endlessly, with me putting out four more new tapes every four to six months"

We know that you will agree with Mike and me after experiencing a phone consultation with John. I will look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have about the consultations.


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Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc.


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