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BOOKS: Heavy Duty™ Training
  THE WISDOM OF MIKE MENTZER: The Art, Science and Philosophy of a Bodybuilding Legend©
Authored by John Little with Joanne Sharkey
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Order This Awesome NEW Title Today!

For the first time in one volume -- the extraordinary scientific, training, and philosophical contributions of the legendary founder of the HEAVY DUTY™ high-intensity training system – MIKE MENTZER!

This hard-hitting new book is the answer to these and many other questions -- including:

  • What was Mike's most productive routine?
  • What was his final evolution of his Heavy Duty training system?
  • Why is training less better than training more?
  • What philosophy of life did Mike subscribe to -- and why?
  • Why is posing a crucial expression of who you really are and what you believe?
  • What routine did Mike follow to build such HUGE arms?
THE WISDOM OF MIKE MENTZER is truly a book that is chock-full of wisdom -- an all too rare commodity in today’s bodybuilding culture of drugs and commercialism. It is the distillation of Mike Mentzer’s exceptional insights and long-term research into not only the science of building bigger and stronger muscles, but also (and perhaps more importantly) the art and science of building character. It provides readers with a unique passkey into the world of Mike Mentzer – the man, the philosopher, and the legend. Packed with information and many never-before-seen photos, THE WISDOM OF MIKE MENTZER is both a poignant and powerful book that all Mike Mentzer fans -- old and new -- will find themselves referring to again and again. 165 pages – 8 ˝” X 11” and packed with many new photos.

Click here for a more detailed description of this awesome new title.

Support Mikementzer.com and buy your copy here, NOW!

$19.95 -- Add To Cart

High-Intensity Training the Mike Mentzer Way HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING THE MIKE MENTZER WAY©
Still a Bestseller and Always in Stock!

The final book written by the legendary Mike Mentzer. Now you can finally obtain the distilled wisdom of Mike Mentzer's over 30 years of study and research into the ultimate nature of bodybuilding training in a single volume. Click here for a more detailed description of this awesome new title.

Published January 2003 - 224 pages in 8 1/2" X 11" - loaded with photos.

$21.00 -- Add To Cart

Heavy Duty
It has come to our attention that this book has been selling on auction sites (USED) for $150 a copy! Don't fall prey to anyone who is only looking to put money in their pocket by selling their used copy. They are taking advantage of you, and let's face it, they cannot be a loyal fan if they are willing to give up their book.

Thank you for your continued interest in the HEAVY DUTY© book (also referred to as HEAVY DUTY 1 by many Mentzer fans). Your patience has been appreciated.

HEAVY DUTY© I -- The book that started a revolution!
A "must have" book for those who want to collect all of Mike Mentzer's works and follow the evolution of his teaching throughout the years. Mike reveals how you too can reach your greatest bodybuilding potential in the shortest amount of time, while training less that one hour a week! Mike reveals the role of genetics in bodybuilding, psychological and motivational factors, unique dietary considerations, high-intensity training principles, training to failure, and places bodybuilding into a completely unique perspective. Responding to the public demand for this revolutionary book, Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc. has made it available once again to Mike's fans and students, and it may very well be its final print run.

Published in 1993 - 69 pages in 8 1/2" X 11" - including photos.

$34.95 -- Add To Cart

Heavy Duty II


HEAVY DUTY II: Mind and Body© -- Mike Mentzer's "magnum opus", his final evolution of the theory of High-Intensity Training.

New and groundbreaking insights into recovery ability, higher intensity and shorter workouts, consolidated training, when to use advanced principles, such as, forced reps and negatives to maximum effect; in addition, insights into corruption in bodybuilding, and the power of human reason to discern truth from falsehood. The title speaks for itself, as it is a book of high philosophy, motivational success stories, and the very zenith of bodybuilding training science. HEAVY DUTY II is known by most as "the bible" of high-intensity bodybuilding. This is more than a bodybuilding book - it is a training partner! Nor is it a book you will read once and put it on the shelf; each time you read it, you will learn even more than you had hoped to learn.

Published in 1996 - 163 pages in 5 3/4" x 8 1/2" - including photos.

Muscles in MinutesMUSCLES IN MINUTES© -- Mike published this book in year 2000.
No, this is not Heavy Duty III. Entitled "MUSCLES IN MINUTES", this book serves perfectly as a primer on the subject of HIT. It will introduce those new to the topic of high-intensity training to the fundamentals of exercise science and their inter-relationships, written without all the philosophy and technicalities of Mike's previous works. It provides workout routines for the bodybuilder, athlete, and those seeking "total fitness", including a "Break-In" routine for those who are new to high-intensity training. Important for many, it contains extensive descriptions of all the recommended exercises. Nutrition and motivation are included.

Yes, there is some overlapping with the HEAVY DUTY books, however, for the well-schooled HIT advocate, it does contain some NEW facts and information about HEAVY DUTY™ High Intensity Training, as the truly ideal means of building strength, size and overall fitness. "MUSCLES IN MINUTES" will prove helpful as quick and easy reference material, also for the HIT expert.

Book cover photo is a favorite photo of many Mentzer Fans, 46 pages in 8 ˝ X 11 with no photos.

$19.95 -- Add To Cart

Heavy Duty Journal Updated! UPDATED NOTICE June 15, 2017
We apologize for not finishing the Revised Heavy Duty Journal. Due to unexpected circumstances with the loss of several loved ones, Joanne Sharkey has been unable to devote the necessary time to complete this project in a manner that Mike would expect. It would be appreciated if you did not send emails asking what the release date will be. When (and if) it is ready to go to print, a new notice will be posted here. Thank you very much for your patience and continued interest!

HEAVY DUTY Journal© -- A must for all serious bodybuilders and athletes!
NOTE: Mike Mentzer did NOT want to reprint this original version because he said it was outdated and it needed to be updated. This original version is not in stock.

This is not a "working" training journal, it is power-packed with even more invaluable teaching from Mike, as he delves into topics never before explored in bodybuilding: The scientific application of stress physiology, cultivating metabolic momentum, understanding and applying the body's natural patterns of flux and change in order to peak for a contest. Includes, rest pause training (a super high-intensity technique that allowed Mike to gain 14 pounds of pure muscle in 9 weeks - at an already advanced level of muscle, mass and strength!), and the latest in scientific bodybuilding are just a few of the subjects brought to you in this one of a kind journal book. Includes awesome photos of Mike Mentzer!

Color choices vary somewhat from style to style and your choices are posted with each style shirt. REMINDER: type your color choice(s) in the "COMMENTS" section located on the Information Page where you put your address.

The HEAVY DUTY T-Shirts, Tank Tops, and Sweatshirts are available at all times. Each has the classic and original HEAVY DUTY© LOGO on the front. Note: The style of tank top Mike is wearing with the dark trim around the neck and arm holes is no longer available from manufacturers, and our tank tops do not include a darker trim.

Heavy Duty Tank Top

Mike Mentzer in a Light Blue Heavy Duty T-Shirt These t-shirts display the authentic HEAVY DUTY© logo on the front, are comfortable, look great, and perfect for working out or hanging out. 100% Pre-shrunk Cotton. You have asked for size EXTRA-EXTRA-EXTRA-LARGE to be added, and we now have this size in stock for you in a limited supply. The truth is that if you continue to build Heavy Duty muscle, then we’ll get you any size you want!! Although Mike’s favorite colors eventually became BLACK or ASH (light grey), many of you have requested other colors to be added to the clothing, so there are now 5 color choices! The Heavy Duty© logo is now in 3-colors with the body of Mike in white, shaded with black. Letters are in shiny silver.


Be sure to choose a SECOND color choice just in case the color you choose has been sold out. Type your color choices in the COMMENTS box on the INFORMATION PAGE where you put your address and credit card information. We can no longer send emails back and forth because you did not choose colors! It holds up your order delivery and is very time consuming. If you do not choose colors, then colors will be chosen for you with no exchanges possible. PLEASE DO YOUR PART TO ENSURE YOU RECEIVE WHAT YOU WANT, AND WE WILL CONTINUE PROVIDING EXCELLENT SERVICE TO YOU!

T-Shirt Colors: Medium thru X-Large: Black, Ash, Royal Blue, Light Blue and NEW color RED!

2-XXL T-Shirt Colors: Black, Ash, Royal Blue, Light Blue and NEW color RED!

In the future, the 3-XXXL T-shirts will only be available by SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.

(Scroll down to Sweatshirts for more 3-XXXL in stock - Black, Ash or Royal Blue.)


Medium - $18.95 -- Add To Cart
Large - $18.95 -- Add To Cart
Extra-Large - $18.95 -- Add To Cart
2-XL EXTRA-EXTRA-LARGE - $21.95 -- Add To Cart

NOTE: If you have a color preference, please make a note under the COMMENTS SECTION on the Information Page of your order, stating your first and second color preference. If you do not make a choice, we will choose the color and with no exchanges for color possible, once shipped.


Mike said, "If you've got guns, flaunt 'em!" Now available once again - the authentic HEAVY DUTY© Tank top in Mike’s favorite colors Black and Ash Grey – but due to popular requests, we have now added 2 NEW COLORS – Royal Blue or Red! The Heavy Duty© logo is now in 3-colors with the body of Mike in white, shaded with black. Letters are in shiny silver. MAKE A STATEMENT WHEN WEARING YOUR SHIRTS AND LET MIKE AND HEAVY DUTY HAVE A PRESENCE WHEREVER YOU GO!


Tank Top Colors: MEDIUM thru EXTRA-LARGE - Black, Ash, Royal Blue, or Red
2-XL - Black, Ash, Royal Blue or RED

Medium - $17.95 -- Add To Cart
Large - $17.95 -- Add To Cart
Extra-Large - $17.95 -- Add To Cart
2-XL EXTRA-EXTRA-LARGE - $20.95 -- Add To Cart

NOTE: If you have a color preference, please make a note under the COMMENTS SECTION on the Information Page of your order, stating your first and second preference. If you do not make a choice, we will choose the color and with no exchanges for color possible, once shipped.

We can't possibly email everyone and clothing inventory flies out of stock in most colors!


Mike and Ray loved these sweatshirts – and so will you! Some days the gym is just too cold! These comfortable sweatshirts will keep your muscles warm and your appearance cool. Excellent quality for long lasting appeal. MAKE A STATEMENT WHEN WEARING YOUR SHIRTS AND LET MIKE AND HEAVY DUTY HAVE A PRESENCE WHEREVER YOU GO!


Sweatshirts available in Black, Ash and Royal Blue!

Medium - $25.95 -- Add To Cart
Large - $25.95 -- Add To Cart
Extra-Large - $25.95 -- Add To Cart
2-XL EXTRA-EXTRA-LARGE - $30.95 -- Add To Cart
3-XL EXTRA-EXTRA-EXTRA-LARGE - $33.95 -- Add To Cart

NOTE: If you have a color preference, please make a note under the COMMENTS SECTION on the Information Page of your order, stating your first and second preference. If you do not make a choice, we will choose the color and with no exchanges for color possible, once shipped.

We can't possibly email everyone and clothing inventory flies out of stock in most colors!

By purchasing these DVDs on this "Official" Mike Mentzer website, you are helping to support the continuation of Mike Mentzer's website, and in turn, helping to keep his legacy growing and his works in print through the efforts of Joanne Sharkey, CEO/President of Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc.

Any other videos or DVDs purporting to be Mike Mentzer's or those featuring Mike or Ray were never approved and/or authorized for release by Mike Mentzer or Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises. All Rights worldwide to the Mike Mentzer Intellectual Property, including all copyrights, trademarks, trade name, image, voice, and the name "Mike Mentzer" are the sole and exclusive property of Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc./Joanne Sharkey. Mentzer-Sharkey does not, and has not approved, or authorized to date any other production company to release films of, by, or about Mike Mentzer, Ray Mentzer, or Heavy Duty High-Intensity Training in any manner or form whatsoever. This information should answer your questions as to why Mikementzer.com does not offer other unauthorized HIT exercise OR seminar DVDs, or any other video/DVD wherein the name of Mike Mentzer is used for marketing purposes by other non-affiliated companies looking to make a quick dollar. The Mentzer Legacy is not supported in any manner by any unauthorized products being sold to the Mentzer fans throughout the Internet.

The NTSC DVDs, OPEN REGION, play everywhere - worldwide these days. All DVDs we ship within the USA and to other NTSC countries are automatically only sent in the NTSC system Open Region. Most DVD Players worldwide are made to accept NTSC, therefore, PAL is not necessary

1980 Mr. Olympia - Quite Revealing Line-up!
Scroll down to get your copy if you haven’t already purchased it.

NOTE: The 1980 Mr. Olympia 2-DVD SET has been combined on ONE DVD disc by the photographer. Please note the price changes on this DVD as well as the other two below.

1980 MR. OLYMPIA - Complete Event Coverage!

1980 MR. OLYMPIA DVD SET The journalistic reports - in every magazine - which followed the contest, indicated that it was fixed. Each stated that Arnold was far from his best shape - while Mike Mentzer had reached a pinnacle! It seemed that the entire world of bodybuilding was in agreement - except the judges! Many concluded that other competitors at the '80 "O" were better than Arnold, too.

This video classic includes exciting footage of that era's most celebrated bodybuilding champions in their best shape ever. The competitors are shown during the relaxed comparisons, individual posing, and the nighttime pose down. This tape is a must for any serious bodybuilder, as it not only inspires, but serves, too, as important historical material. Was it a fix? You decide!

The line-up included Mike Mentzer, Chris Dickerson, Frank Zane, Boyer Coe, Roy Duval, Casey Viator, Roy Callender, Ken Waller, Samir Bannout, Tom Platz, Danny Padilla, Roger Walker, etc. Includes prejudging footage, plus the show. Strictly a contest video showing all competitors, and it is the ONLY record filmed from in front of the stage for this controversial contest! Held October 4th, 1980 at the Opera House in Sydney, Australia. Film to video transfer, music added.

This disc contains "lost footage" which is primarily from the prejudging and is edited together with unused footage. Thirteen of the sixteen competitors are shown as they walk on stage. Next it is the Round 1 lineup, 1/4 turns and then groups of quarter turns. See the comparative compulsory poses in various groups including Mike next to Arnold. Plus Boyer Coe, Zane, Callendar and more.

Finally, the exciting top seven pose-down after some more compulsory poses. Then the complete awards from 6th place through to Arnold in 1st place. RUNNING TIME: 1 HOUR 22 MIN.

Was $54.95 -- NOW $39.95! — SAVE $15.00! Add To Cart

Mike Mentzer interview included.
Filmed at Their Peak in the Late 1970’s -- Watch the Masters at Work!

MIKE & RAY MENTZER IN THE GYM To satisfy the volume of requests for this film from Mentzer fans, we now offer it to you through this web site. If you already have the Heavy Duty books, you will be able to appreciate, even more so, the evolution of Mike Mentzer’s HEAVY DUTY™ High-Intensity Training after viewing this 1978 film.

The awesome Mentzer brothers, fueled by their intense rivalry, show what they can do when they pump iron. Filmed in the gym in Los Angeles, they blast their way through "display workouts" with a little less than the actual weights they normally used!!

Mike and Ray each go through one of their most incredible workouts, muscles dripping with sweat - the intensity, muscle display and sheer power will shock you!

After Mike flexes and poses each muscle group, hard and pumped, they head for Venice Beach. Ray Mentzer oils, pumps and poses in a fantastic solo presentation, for the final 15 minutes of the tape. This posing footage will guide and inspire you in your own posing.

DVDS  Item V-121DVD
Was $39.95 -- NOW $34.95! — SAVE $5.00! -- Add To Cart

Mike's Performance Will Leave You Gasping In Amazement!

Mentzer Outdoors Video Video footage of Mike Mentzer in various stages of pumping up in preparation for posing outdoors both on the beach in Marina Del Rey, California, and atop the famed "Muscle Rock" in the Santa Monica mountains, plus a segment filmed at an "oil field". Here you have the opportunity to watch one of history's greatest physiques in breath-taking close-ups and full body posing!

In this exclusive 60-minute feast of muscle - the legendary Mike Mentzer flexes, tenses, oils, pumps, and poses. Filmed while at his all-time peak condition, when Mike was current Mr. Universe in 1978 (winning with a perfect score of 300 undefeated). Mike really turned on a heavy duty display. The close-ups of his huge arms, calves, and chest are awesome!

You will see a complete posing and pumping display of every muscle from every angle reflecting definition, muscle mass, shape and veins. Full body posing, close-ups, relaxed, tensed - It's all there!! The most astonishing muscle display tape GMV has ever produced - from the master of them all, Mike Mentzer. RUNNING TIME: 1 HOUR

DVDS  Item V-112DVD
Was $39.95 -- NOW $34.95! — SAVE $5.00! -- Add To Cart


When time permits, a new series of photos will be chosen that will be in color. Please do not email asking when the new photos will be released. A notice will be posted when they are available. Thank you.

At this time, we would like to thank all of you who purchased the 3 photos of the legendary Mike Mentzer photographed by Garry Barlett. We are now out of stock on these vintage Black & White photos of 3 of Mike's classic poses, and the decision has been made not to reproduce more of these same shots. In the original write up, it was stated that "The photos in this series are destined to become collectors' items!" The main reason is that they were never circulated before and also they marked a specific event. They were photographed by Garry Bartlett, International Bodybuilding Photo Journalist. Captured on film in the spring of 1980 in Quebec, Canada where Mike attended a special guest-posing exhibition, during an era when Mike dominated the bodybuilding scene! No other bodybuilder captured the essence of pure muscle and strength as Mike Mentzer.

Mike Mentzer Photo #1
Item 51
8" X 12" photograph

Mike Mentzer Photo #2
Item 52
8" X 12" photograph

Mike Mentzer Photo #3
Item 53
8" X 10" photograph

Copyright © Garry Bartlett, Photo Journalist
You can't go wrong by purchasing a HEAVY DUTY™ GIFT CERTIFICATE for items or services at www.MikeMentzer.com. He or she will then be able to make their own choices, and it will avoid possibly duplicating an item they already have or don't want. Just think -- no waiting in long lines at retail stores and no worries about possibly having to fight long lines to make exchanges at retail stores. Any Mike Mentzer fan would love the Gift Certificate - so let your special gift be a big hit for that special occassion!

All too often I hear from customers stating they wish they could afford phone consultations or in the gym training with a certified trainer, and the gift certificate can be redeemed also for these services (note: In-Gym training only if a trainer is in your area).

Click on the gift certificate amount you wish to purchase below to Add it to Your Cart:

This book, Ayn Rand's first grand-scale novel, holds up to the reader an inspiring, positive image of man as he can be and ought to be: a creative, productive hero. In a declining world full of man-hating philosophies, this literary work changed the lives of millions--including Mike Mentzer--for the better.

You may purchase this recommended item directly from the Ayn Rand Bookstore at http://www.aynrandbookstore.com

To proceed with a proper, methodical study of philosophy, it is suggested that this book be read concurrent with The Fountainhead. This is a non-fiction work of explicit philosophical essays that will teach you to think rationally and to judge independently, as all mature adults should.

You may purchase this recommended item directly from the Ayn Rand Bookstore at http://www.aynrandbookstore.com

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