A Prerequisite for Natural Bodybuilding
Phil Costello, Birmingham, England
Gym Owner & High-Intensity Trainer

I would just like to say thanks to Mike & Ray. Although I never had a chance to meet Mike, I feel as though I already know him through studying his HEAVY DUTY works. I have used the HEAVY DUTY training principles since I first trained at Dorian Yates’ Temple Gym (I live 3 miles from it). It was at Temple Gym that I stumbled upon Mike Mentzer’s works, and I experienced my first-ever HEAVY DUTY™ High-Intensity Workout.

I have been a personal trainer for 10 years and have studied and utilized Mike’s Heavy Duty principles for 5 years now. Mike was my Mentor and my inspiration to have my own private studios, where I specialize in conducting only private supervised workouts that comply with the Heavy Duty principles 100% high-intensity workouts with my own clients. I have achieved remarkable results through using these principles and have seen some dramatic results in their gains. These include people who just want to shed those extra pounds, to those who want a bodybuilding physique, and to those individuals with a variety of debilitating physical conditions, such as, arthritis and multiple sclerosis where we try to regenerate neurological pathways. The point I want to stress here is that Mike Mentzer’s HEAVY DUTY workouts do not only apply to bodybuilding - but also to overall health, well-being and life itself. As a result of utilizing the HD principles for all of my clients, they not only get time-effective workouts, they get in great shape fast! I also oversee their nutritional requirements.

HEAVY DUTY High-Intensity Training is a prerequisite for the natural bodybuilder. I personally started out at a little under 8 stone! - now I’m not quite Olympic material - but I average around 12 stone and 10% bodyfat now depending on my nutrition. None of this would have happened, if i did not discover HEAVY DUTY™ High-Intensity Training.

Following is a before and after photo of one of my clients that I personally train at one of my studios and is the result of just 8 weeks. This equates to only 16 workouts or 5 hours and 20 minutes training time - NO drugs - just HEAVY DUTY and optimal nutrition.

Before Heavy Duty After Heavy Duty
Before Heavy Duty After Heavy Duty

With the utmost respect, I want to give thanks to you for continuing the Mike Mentzer Legacy through www.Mikementzer.com.

Phil Costello
Professional - High-Intensity Trainer – England

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