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Posted 9/18/2017

Mike Mentzer Posing

Mike Mentzer Posing
This June 10 & 12, 2017 marked the 16th anniversary since Mike and Ray Mentzer passed away, and they are still missed throughout the world in the bodybuilding community. The remarkable point though is that HEAVY DUTY™ high-intensity training method is still attracting new bodybuilders who are interested in his revolutionary works. While we all miss the Mentzer brothers, they would want us to celebrate their lifetime accomplishments and admire them for the men they were. So with this in mind, we will continue to celebrate them both.

During the past 16 years, I have done my very best to protect and preserve the authentic HEAVY DUTY™ teachings and to take it to a whole new level of growth. As the Successor-in-Interest to Mike Mentzer’s Intellectual Property Rights, I have been at the helm and home of his legacy ensuring that his works are available to all who search out his teachings and philosophy. It has not been an easy task as some might believe, because without Mike (or Ray) as my partners, there is only so much I can do (or anyone for that matter). My job has not been to continue research or look to improve upon Mike’s works (if that is even possible), but as I just mentioned my job has been to keep his teachings as he last left them – authentic.

Continually, I try to make a difference in other people’s lives each and every day and do appreciate all of the kind emails I receive from countless fans and supporters who take the time to write thoughtful and appreciative words of praise for the work accomplished in keeping the Mentzer legacy alive.

There have been so many of you who have truly connected with me and together we have formed new friendships and a solid link to the memories of Mike and Ray. I will remain forever grateful to you all for your support, loyalty, and friendships. A special thank you goes out to the many trainers and fans worldwide who are strong advocates of HEAVY DUTY™ training and who do not alter Mike’s principles.

The point I have been leading up to is that I have a very difficult choice to make regarding the continuation of my work for the Mentzer Legacy. I find that it is hard to accomplish all that I need to do for personal matters needing my attention and to find a new pathway in my own life, and at the same time, devote the amount of time needed for the Mentzer Legacy. Therefore, I have decided to wind down and work towards my retirement (gosh, it is even difficult for me to type this news!) In a sense, I feel my decision is also a part of truly letting go of them even though there will always be a special place in my heart that will be a void of them both.

As it stands right now, my intentions are to continue selling the books and other items that I have in stock, but once they are sold out, I will not reorder or reprint them. If you or someone you know who does not have a set of the available books listed on the Order Page at wants one of them, then I suggest you do not wait to order while they are still available as supply is extremely limited. As long as you see the “Add to Cart” by the item on the order page this means there is still a supply on hand.

All Copyrights, Trademarks, and Intellectual Property Rights will remain protected by Joanne Sharkey and Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc. This includes anything that Mike has written or recorded in past years and books that he did not reprint due to their age. I CAUTION ANYONE WHO DISRESPECTS THESE LAWS AS IT WOULD BE A CRIME AND ILLEGAL AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. So don’t you loyal fans and supporters fall prey to those who have dared to ignore the Laws or who may still try to do so.

I want to fully clarify that at this time there is nobody in the bodybuilding community that I plan to name as an heir or to “hand the torch to carry on” when I retire. Those that I would choose and trust are already very busy with their own businesses; however, we’ll know when I get to that stage. In the event of my death, All Rights will go to my Heirs.

CAUTION:   Please use caution if a trainer “claims” to know how to correctly use Mike’s system as Mike intended it to be used, because if you have studied Mike’s books, you will be able to see the differences! Using “bits and pieces” of Mike’s teachings plus adding what a trainer thinks on his own, simply does not make it Mike’s!! NO, in fact if anything, it has a negative response to all that Mike continues to teach through his books. A wise philosopher friend of Mike’s once told me that when you compliment someone else, it also speaks to who you are as far as your character. Remember this when you read “slurs and profanity” posted on other sites, because this alone should tell you that person lacks character, integrity and respect, therefore, he’ll show you none! Mike Mentzer always stood for TRUTH and so have I.

At some point, I will make every effort to update, and I will try to keep the web site open as a means to still provide Mike and Heavy Duty™ with a presence on the Internet. I also find that many bodybuilders find inspiration in reading the testimonials and tributes on the site plus they pay tribute to the Mentzer brothers’ legacy. I have many more to post as an update and hope to get to them soon.

For now, these are the main points I want to post, and again I must say that this has been a very difficult decision for me to make, but a necessary one for me. Any future information and/or changes will be posted on as validation of truth.

A big thank you goes out to all of you who have supported this site, who continue to respect and show loyalty to Mike and Ray Mentzer’s memories, and for the countless friendships and respect from around the globe that have been extended to me. You have always given my mission a real purpose and for this I am truly grateful. Your efforts in helping to spread the HEAVY DUTY™ teachings and philosophy worldwide have not gone unrecognized!

Please note, in the event you are on Facebook, forums or other social media, please make a mention of this post to those who may not be aware of it.

With Sincere Regards,

Joanne Sharkey, CEO/President
Successor-in Interest to Mike Mentzer’s Intellectual Property Rights

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