Awesome Heavy Duty Pic Mentzer: Science and Values

“When one considers that the dominant intellectual approach of the growing number of self-styled “experts” in the bodybuilding field is characterized by approximation, contradiction, equivocation and evasion, it is little wonder that an entire generation of bodybuilders - many of the top champions included - finds itself bewildered and without rational guidance. However, let me assure those who refuse to allow the flame of their passion for a more muscular body to die, who, having some awareness of the role of facts, logic and reason in their lives: There does exist a science of bodybuilding - and it can be understood by anyone willing to exercise the required mental effort.”

Mike Mentzer, The Science of Bodybuilding, HEAVY DUTY I

Inspiration from a Medical Scientist - Dover, PA

“As a physician with over 20 years of training experience, I thought that I had maxed out my genetic potential at a height of 5’10” and a weight of 215 pounds. I had forced my bodyweight as high as 223 pounds in the past, but this gain was clearly mostly fat, and certainly not what I desired.

“Since I had plateaued, I felt that I had to try something different; and, after much personal debate, opted for a series of phone consultations with Mike Mentzer. Within a matter of months, I was 27 pounds heavier, almost exclusively lean muscle mass gains and had topped my previous maximum by 15 pounds at a much lower bodyfat count.

“I strongly endorse the Heavy Duty Method of Training and recommend that anyone who is frustrated with their progress to contact Mr. Mentzer for phone consultations and/or buy his books. It will be the most productive time you NEVER spent in the gym!”

Calvin Wilson, II, MD
Chairman, Dept. OB-GYN
Kent General Hospital
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Another Man of Science - Blacksburg, VA.

“The most important parts of training involve understanding and correctly applying scientific principles. With the correct application of principles, you’ll see consistent and tangible progress from workout to workout, from month to month, and year to year. Scientific training principles provide equal opportunity for everyone - younger or older, men or women, beginner or advanced bodybuilder - to reach their genetic potential in the most effective and efficient manner.”

Richard A. Winnett, Ph.D., produces the newsletter MASTER TRAINER, dedicated to bringing to its readers the most up to date scientific information on bodybuilding, fitness and health. To receive a sample issue, send $2.00 ( check or money order ) to: MASTER TRAINER, Suite 221, 610 North Main St., Blacksburg, VA 24060 (USA)

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Awesome Heavy Duty Pic A Texan with the Strength of Conviction

“Allow me to introduce myself - I am Paul Brodeur. I squatted 1,000 pounds weighing 318 lbs. with 10 percent bodyfat, making the Powelifting All-Time Top 20 List, while utilizing only high-intensity training principles.

“Through reading and listening to Mike Mentzer’s books, articles and tapes, I have found the strength of truth, knowledge and valid principles to lift me from the guagmire of injuries, exhaustion and the loss of strength and size. Now I am increasing in strength and size, literally from workout to workout, as I continue my assault on the record books! My personal training clients have also benfited from these same training principles. One of them has gained over 100 pounds of lean in two years and another has gained 30 pounds in just five workouts! To the skeptics, I say - YES! Heavy Duty, high-intensity training principles do work! I have myself, my clients, the methodology and the documentation to prove it!

“Let me propose a question: would you rather go through life believing in something that is not true, or, would you rather have certainty about your training by learning the one valid theory of anaerobic exercise? I hope your choice will be for the truth so you can finally begin the journey of actualizing your maximum muscular potential.”

Unfortunately, Paul passed away on November 20, 2014. You can read his obituary here.

Paul Brodeur, powerlifter and personal trainer in Arlington, Texas

The Founder and CEO of a 100-million Dollar Computer Peripherals Company

“As CEO of one of the largest computer peripherals companies, with a degree in zoology and a D.D.S., you’d think I’d know better than to fall for the traditional ( mindless ) volume approach to training. Well, I did. I trained for well over one hour a day 4-5 days a week. And, not only did I fail to make any progress, I was also chronically fatigued, and so frustrated that I almost gave up training entirely. Then I had a phone consultation with Mike Mentzer, read his Heavy Duty books - and gained 28 pounds of lean muscle mass while doubling my strength, all with only a total of 40 minutes of training every eight days!”

Steve Volk, Founder and CEO of Integral Peripherals

A High-Intensity Trainer from Vancouver

“Suppose for moment that one could prove the superiority of volume training over high intensity. A sane person would ask, “Since your system requires five times or more the time expenditure, can you guarantee the same factor increase in progress?” Of course, they won’t be able to, so the argument for volume training becomes literally pointless, no matter from which perspective you view it. Even William Shakespeare understood the concept hundreds of years ago when he said, “It is better to be brief than tedious.”

Anthony Spinelli - high-intensity trainer and
advocate of Heavy Duty principles.
Vancouver, BC, Canada (604) 643-5035

Awesome Heavy Duty Pic The World Champion from Spencer, Mass.

“As a multi-sport athlete, high-intensity training has worked wonders for me. In fact, only seven weeks after knee surgery, I broke four world records in powerlifitng using Heavy Duty training principles exclusively.”

Allison Labeau, Guaranteed Fitness Gym,
Spencer, Mass. (508)- 885-3686

A Successful Bodybuilder from Britain

“I first spoke with Mike Mentzer in 1994. In a short space of time, he taught me the basic tenets of Heavy Duty, high-intensity training. By using Mike’s theory, I gained 16 pounds of lean, competitive muscle; enough to win and place high in a number of contests recently. Thanks, Mike. Heavy Duty works. The hell with those who doubt.”

David Lewis, North East England Association of Natural Bodybuilders
1996 Champion

From Orange County, California

“The Heavy Duty, high-intensity training system represents a rational approach to the subject of productive exercise. The mystics of muscle, with their ill-conceived, poorly conceptualized - instinctive - training system have had their day.

“If you are truly, sincerely interested in achieving your bodybuilding goals, and truth and reason are important to you, I urge you to take up the Heavy Duty Challenge - (as I have and gained 85 lbs. of muscle!) - and make 1997 your year.”

James Vandervest, High-Intensity Trainer in
Orange county, CA (714) 542-6978

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