In Loving Memory of

Mike Mentzer
(November 15, 1951 - June 10, 2001)
        Ray Mentzer  (August 2, 1953 - June 12, 2001)

by Joanne Sharkey

Mike and Ray


"Man's proper stature is not one of mediocrity, failure, frustration, or defeat, but one of achievement, strength, and nobility. In short, man can and ought to be a hero."
---- Mike Mentzer

Welcome and thank you all for joining together for the 9th year to celebrate the lives and lifetime accomplishments of two incredible men – Mike and Ray Mentzer – who many look to as their heroes.

As I sit here thinking about what I want to say to you, I can’t help but think about how surreal it still seems that Mike and Ray are not with us. Possibly it’s because as I go through a normal day and working with the Mentzer legacy, my thoughts are with them throughout each day. When I envision them or have a flashback of a specific memory, I can almost hear Mike’s “throaty-chuckle” and Ray’s “big-guy belly laugh”, and then I catch myself physically smiling. At times, I have to admit that I felt more like their “mom” than their “sister (as they referred to me). Yes, I spoiled them, but I enjoyed every moment of it, even when I’d get into debates with one of them. Our relationship was so special that unless one could witness it personally, there are no words to adequately express just how special it was to each of us. I would certainly repeat the journey with them again, if I could, and I wouldn’t have missed that incredible journey for anything. It has been said by many people that we are put into a person’s life for a reason, and it is clear that our paths crossed for a purpose. Need I say anymore?

As I read the many testimonials and tributes, plus personal emails sent regularly, it’s obvious that there isn’t too much more I can say to you that you don’t already know about Mike and Ray. Nine years later, it has all been said, if not by me, probably by you or someone else. How many people do you know who have impacted as many lives as they have in their lifetimes? The emails received reflect that you do recognize this as well, because your own life was changed through Mike’s writings on this web site and/or his books and articles. They would both be so proud to know you still value them and all they stood for. I feel honored to hear or read the words that you would like to have expressed to them but didn’t have or take the opportunity to do so. Your words are a great source of inspiration to continue on with my mission, and I continue to repeat, YOU are the ones who give my mission a REAL PURPOSE.

Mike and Ray have obviously changed the lives of many people and are continuing to be an enormously positive influence. Their sense of life and its possibilities have motivated and inspired so many people to do better - to encourage them to establish and reach their goals -- physically and mentally. To those who are newcomers to HEAVY DUTY™, you will soon realize that you are in for an incredible journey and one that is worth taking!

It still remains true that even though there are many new training systems out there (especially the past 5 or 6 years), HEAVY DUTY™ is here to stay - and you can try all the programs you want to try, but there are no other programs that will stand the test of time as long as Mike's HEAVY DUTY training system has so far! And…he’s not even here! Tens of thousands of you fans remain dedicated and loyal to Mike's teachings and philosophy and are well aware of the wealth of valuable scientific based information that he left behind which all of us still find beneficial.

A special thank you to the many Certified Personal Trainers, Gym and Fitness Center Owners, and Athletic Coaches who endorse HEAVY DUTY™ as THE system for their clients and athletes. Through you teaching Mike’s authentic training program, you are spreading the message and directly helping to keep the HEAVY DUTY Mentzer Legacy alive. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support!

Mike and Ray accepted life as their standard of value and held to their belief that life is good and worth living - with intensity. Their courage in fighting life's hardships has been a constant reminder that the greatest honor we can pay them would be to apply what they taught us to our own life situations by trying to live more rational, purposeful lives rather than to give in to the irrationality and negativity that surrounds us – especially in today’s times. Our actions should be reflective of what we have learned from these two great men!

With sincere appreciation for your support!

Joanne Sharkey, CEO/President
Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc.

"I had the torch held high and all the others continued to crawl backwards away from the light into the darkness."
---- Mike Mentzer
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