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Mike Mentzer's HEAVY DUTY™ High-Intensity Training
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Mike giving a Heavy Duty Seminar

Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to announce the return of one-on-one personalized phone consultations featuring the AUTHENTIC teachings of Mike Mentzer and his revolutionary HEAVY DUTY ™ high-intensity training system and philosophy.

Back by “popular demand” from you! It took some time to carefully review the qualifications of the many trainers who have offered to conduct the Heavy Duty phone consultations with the Mike Mentzer clients. As Mike’s successor, it is my responsibility to provide someone who is qualified, who thoroughly knows and understands all phases of Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty™ training, as well as exercise science, physiology, bodybuilding, philosophy and Objectivism. This person also has to have the ability to set a precedent with regard to the importance in keeping Mike’s teachings alive and accurate and, I should also point out, to have demonstrated a sincere and a profound respect and love for our hero.

I have absolutely no doubt that Mike would approve of my choice, and I am proud to announce that JOHN LITTLE measures up to all of the above requirements...and then some. For most of you, John needs no further introduction, but for the purpose of keeping this consultation page from being too lengthy, I do want to provide you with some details regarding John’s qualifications, as well as some direct quotes from Mike Mentzer about John. (See the link at the end of this page.)

THANK YOU to the vast numbers of Certified Trainers and credentialed professionals worldwide who have continued their loyalty and support to Mike Mentzer’s HEAVY DUTY™ training and philosophy with their own in-gym clients. And to the Mentzer fans who are dedicated to Mike and his teachings and continue to spread his messages to others, please know that your efforts are recognized and truly appreciated!

At this time, however, please know that there is no other person who is authorized to conduct Mike Mentzer’s HEAVY DUTY HIT Consultations on behalf of Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc. While there are other associates that I have personally referred some of you to for in-gym training, however, if you haven’t heard their name directly from me or through Mike Mentzer’s only official website, www.Mikementzer.com, then we cannot vouch for anyone else’s knowledge of authentic Mentzer teachings nor their credentials. “Don’t fall prey to “hit and miss” information or you will continue to be confused”, Mike said previously on Mikementzer.com. In his memory, we strive to continue with honor, Mike’s tradition of setting a precedence for TRUTH and REASON.

“The theory of high-intensity, anaerobic, bodybuilding exercise is not true because I or anyone else, no matter how many might agree, say it is true. It is the fact that the logic of the theory is unassailable which makes it true.”
--- Mike Mentzer (HD II: Mind and Body)

You will be happy to know that the Mentzer Legacy continues to grow and Mike Mentzer’s HEAVY DUTY training system is used in more countries than ever before, as well as continuous growth within the United States. As recognition and token of appreciation, thank you for continuing to support our mission at www.Mikementzer.com and Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc., which ensures the continuation of his legendary works.

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With Sincere Appreciation,

Joanne Sharkey
Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc.
Email Address: Mikementzerco@aol.com
Phone: 310-316-4519

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