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I've not stopped reading the book The Wisdom Of Mike Mentzer, you must be really proud of it. It really brings out the confidence in myself and above all encourages me to be a stronger person both physically and mentally.
Thank you,
---- Rich Steels - UK

Reading about Mike Mentzer's ideas became like a breath of fresh air, seeing someone use an intellectual approach really appealed to me and now after having read the first book by him in 2 days, I can't wait to get my hands on the whole lot.
---- Hallgrímur Óskar - Reykjavík, ICELAND

During the last year I have gone through the toughest time in my life, and that includes my 5 years in the Royal Marines Commandos. My commitment to bodybuilding was the only thing that kept me going and even that was starting to waver slightly. In my personal life, I was becoming a person that I really didn't like and was becoming more and more disheartened all of the time, then a close friend gave me The Wisdom Of Mike Mentzer....This book was the first but not the last of Mike's books that I read, and it totally blew me away! It reminded me of the type of person that I wanted to become and helped renew and give me new values not just to train by, but to live by, and that character building is just as important if not more so than building muscle. Some people may think - how can a book do that? Well my answer to that is - read it - you won't be disappointed. I keep my copy in my sports bag and carry it around like a bible! The world would be a much better place if more people had an attitude like Mike's!
---- Stephen Orr - FT Fitness & Lifestyle Advisor - GLASGOW, SCOTLAND

After getting my hands on the latest "installment" of the life and teachings of Mike Mentzer - The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer book, I emailed Joanne Sharkey. I wanted to thank her for the speedy delivery (I live in London, England) and to include brief note. It said simply: "Fantastic is the word!"

Now that I have reread The Wisdom book a few more times I feel a more complete comment is warranted. It quickly became clear that the title of this book is extremely fitting, because its contents is simply superb. The training information it contains is, I believe, the ultimate evolution of Heavy Duty training. However, the real golden nuggets are the anecdotes and thoughts of Mike himself. Learning more about his experiences, character, and principles is especially uplifting and warms the heart. The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer adds so much to the previous books and is, in my opinion, the best yet. So to reiterate: Fantastic is the word!
---- ANDRE SIRA - London - ENGLAND

I just want to say how much I enjoyed the new book, The Wisdom Of Mike Mentzer. I found the book very inspirational, and the section on Infitonic and Omni-Contraction training is very useful."

Great job on the new book! I really liked the chapter addressing Mike's character. He was a great guy, and I remember how he always took time to explain things to me even when I'd call and not have a scheduled appointment or hadn't paid for a phone consultation. This proved to me that Mike just wanted to help people and was not just concerned about making money. Thank you again for keeping Mike's Heavy Duty teachings alive again - be proud of this new publication.
---- FRANK ROBLES - New York - USA

THE WISDOM OF MIKE MENTZER new book has arrived & what I have read so far is excellent! The photos are new & inspirational, and the content continues to re-enforce Mike's philosophy on proper training & recuperation. Of most interest with all of Mike's teachings are how as they evolve, they continue to support and confirm the original hypothesis of Heavy Duty training - brief, intense, and infrequent - as opposed to other magazines and/or writers - who seem to deviate from month to month as to what is a proper training methodology. Thanks again, for continuing to promote Mike's Heavy Duty protocol.

Joanne, I recently purchased "The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer". What a great job! I was pleasantly surprised at how good this book is, and I found it to be far better than I expected. So keep up the good work. Now looking forward to the Revised Heavy Duty Journal, and more projects on the horizon.

I was so very excited to receive my copy of "The Wisdom Of Mike Mentzer" in the mail the other day. I have already read the book and refer to it often. Mike's work has meant a great deal to me and has impacted my life. Not only has Mike's insights on the science of muscular development helped me to achieve my potential with my body, but his insights on philosophy and particulary self-worth have helped me to achieve the best within myself.
---- THOMAS McGUIRE, PhD - Missoula, Montana - USA

[This is an excerpt from an inspiring Testimonial received from Dr. Thomas McGuire. For details, please read his testimonial on the Testimonial link.]

The new "WISDOM" book is so awesome! It really lets people know about the integrity of Mike's character. The new insights on advanced training techniques are incredible. My weight has been fluctuating between 226 and 228 I checked it the other morning, and it was 230.5 - IT FELT GREAT! I am getting stronger every workout. The Consolidation Routine is just what I needed. I still definitely want to add as much muscle mass as possible, but at the same time I need to lose about 20lbs of fat. Thank you very much for your time.


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