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The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer
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During the course of reading The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer, I was again inspired by the teachings of Mike Mentzer. Page after page, not only was I finding answers to questions that I have pondered myself, I was finding that my hero was a true, honest person; one who had held the bar high for himself and never wavered in the face of adversity.
---- George Stephen Taylor – Clemmons, North Carolina

I love it and just have to share my excitement! I received my copy of “The Wisdom” book last night and just finished it a couple minutes ago. The book does a great job of giving the reader a more personal look into Mike's life, not just focusing entirely on his bodybuilding. I loved reading about his hobbies aside from pumping iron. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading about Mike. In the beginning, it was his bodybuilding career and routines that drew my attention, but with each book I read, I admire him more as a human being than anything else. It is very inspiring to read about the struggles and obstacles he overcame. I am so inspired that I can’t wait until my Monday scheduled workout. Anyway, I look forward to reading it several times over, and I now have begun re-reading the HEAVY DUTY other books as well. Joanne, thanks to John Little and yourself for this new book, and for your continued efforts on the Mike Mentzer legacy and his teachings.
---- Josh Altimus – Bossier City, Louisiana

WOW! Little & Sharkey's "Wisdom" is a fantastic look into Mike Mentzer's world of bodybuilding, his integrity, and rational & logical approach to creating the most effective training methods ever!! It covers the bodybuilding "days of lore" with entertaining anecdotes of Mentzer's championship competitions (including Mike's run-in with Arnold at the 1980 Olympia!) There are tremendous insights into Mike's most advanced HEAVY DUTY training techniques which have been scientifically proven! This book is EXCELLENT and "A MUST" for Mentzer fans of old and the future; along with "H.I.T. The Mike Mentzer Way" are the two best books ever written on the HEAVY DUTY CREATOR! PERIOD!!
---- Doug Harris – Vienna, Virginia

I'd like to congratulate you on the release of The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer. It is absolutely brilliant!
--- Mark Lewis – United Kingdom

Joanne, just a quick thank you for The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer new book, and for your continued work for the Mentzer legacy. As always, this book was delivered quickly and was thoroughly enjoyable reading. Please also pass on my thanks to John Little for his contribution.
---- Ian Bell – Manchester, ENGLAND

Joanne, I have been reading your new book, The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer, and I just want to say that I think you and Mr. Little have done a terrific job. The book is excellently written. John’s erudition is extensive and the book’s scope is challenging. I was most impressed by how you were able to maintain Mike’s philosophic tone and intent. This must have been difficult to do by extrapolation.

I have been heartened to see and hear about all of the support you’ve received, but I am sure that this has been no small task for you. And lest it be taken for granted, know that your efforts are appreciated. Some young, impressionable mind WILL be moved to a new body and (more importantly) a new life, as a result of this latest literature. A whole new generation of readers can be awed by the phenomenon that was Mike Mentzer.

With best wishes,
---- Gus Diamantopoulos – The Strength Room, Toronto, CANADA

I ordered The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer book from, and I immediately started reading the book and just finished reading it today. I have to say that The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer, and High-Intensity Training: The Mike Mentzer Way books are the two best bodybuilding books that I have ever owned and read.

Joanne, I want to thank you and John Little extremely much for writing and producing "The Wisdom" book. I loved every page and every word of this wonderful book! As a matter of fact, even if I was not a bodybuilder or a weightlifter, after reading the book, I would find just the mind-philosophy teaching alone of great importance to me. Since I am a bodybuilder, I find that the Consolidation Training information on page 40 will be of extreme great value for me.

May God keep blessing you, your family, and friends for all for His Glory.
---- Chris Hamby – Harrisonburg, Virginia

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